Photo by  Matthew Schulert

Amy learned to sew when she was five years old and started her theatre "career" at eleven. She tried to move on to other things but found that she just kept coming back. She figured if you can't beat 'em,  join 'em. 

Amy is a third generation Chicagoan who moved to Los Angeles in 2012 to pursue her costume design and styling career full time. She bought a car, got a driver's license and drove 2500 miles by herself (in that order) because she wanted to enjoy the sunshine. 

She spent five years getting the Costume Shop at Hubbard Street Dance Chicago organized and getting the company ready to go on tour under the tutelage of Rebecca Shouse. She also had the honor of working with designers Cybele Moon and Branimira Ivanova at Shattered Globe Theatre, the Side Project Theatre and Lifeline Theatre (where she also worked in varying other capacities) and as assistant to Antje Kastner, hairstylist for Million Dollar Quartet Chicago. 

Upon arriving in Los Angeles, Amy immediately started working in both theatre and film. She has worked wardrobe for WORDTheatre, Brimmer St. Theatre and she is a founding member of the company, a Working Theater. She has cut her teeth in film and television with Halfway to Hell, Collusions and pilots for A&E/Biography and Comedy Central.  She has moved in to the fashion sphere as a stylist for Hautelook, where her work is often seen on their homepage.

When Amy is not on set (or sleeping) she enjoys live music, geeking out about fashion history, showing off her ruler collection and anything that involves food or books.


Halfway to Hell Photography by Paul Lettieri.